About Rareworks LLC

At Rareworks, we create connected solutions. Need an interface for your new technology? We'll build it for you. Want to connect your hardware to a new software application? We will design it, build it, and make it run. Rareworks was founded by Rich Rarey in Washington, DC in 2014. His team serves clients across the United States with hardware and software design plus implementation; public safety search and rescue using drones and ground vehicle; accessible media; and facility vulnerability studies.
Rareworks clients discover that in every technical challenge there is an inspired solution.


Rareworks LLC Clients and Partners


Rich Rarey is the general manager and founder of Rareworks. He enjoys building the things that improve lives and connect us to each other. You will find him designing technology that helps at-risk populations, including emergency alerting systems and drone applications for search and rescue missions. Rich is a proud graduate of Ohio University and an OU Marching 110 alumnus.

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A number of our clients have specified the Raspberry Pi as the base embedded controller for their projects, asking Rareworks to fabricate custom plugin boards that expose the client-specific functionality the project requires.
This rapid hardware and software development process,on this very economical platform, lets us build up a prototype quickly and gives our client more time to evaluate the design before (optionally) commiting to traditional embedded hardware.


A recent civilian Search and Rescue research project using small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS or "drones") has extended Rareworks’ expertise in the aviation regulatory realm; we developed Remote Pilot flight training programs, effective sUAS operations procedures, and more importantly, integrated a client's proprietary systems into an sUAS command/control/reconnaissance/telemetry app that runs on an OTS mobile device.